1. top 10 video games

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    1. Mass Effect Series. hands down. i will probably always and forever consider them my favourite games. you get to fucking decide the fate of the galaxy. the universe and lore is so well developed and the characters are all amazingly written (like literally the only character i hate is lieutenant bastard kai leng and it’s only because he pops up everywhere and kills people). you get to hang out with awesome aliens and adorable robots and the cast and romances are very diverse and lgbtq+ friendly. throughout the trilogy you spend ~100 hours with your squad mates and you get really emotionally attached to them and just become a sobbing trainwreck by the end. seriously if you don’t like mass effect i will stop talking to you
    2. Dragon Age Series. my first bioware game was DA:O and i still love it. i didn’t like 2 as much, but i loved the continuation of the lore and links back to origins. again, awesome squad mates in a well developed universe (we’ve only seen a FRACTION of it and there’s already tons we’ve seen?? and like the dalish???? a whole fucking culture?????) like mass effect, the same characters are recurring over the series and it’s super cool to see how they’ve developed while on their own. i am also hopelessly in love with morrigan and i can’t wait to see her back in DA:I
    3. Sid Meier’s Civilization V. once i start playing i won’t leave my room until it’s done. this game is incredibly addictive and fun. i personally like strategy games, but this game suckers in just about everybody regardless of genre preference. i love being able to play as awesome people in history, and i also love crushing other awesome people in history. plus the campaigns based on actual historical events is really cool. play this if you’re a nerd (and even if you’re not)
    4. Portal Series. i love robots, okay. it’s a complex puzzle game with a twisted story behind it, and it also fits into the half life universe (i love when they do that). the dialogue is hilarious and the plot is really well written. glados is undoubtedly one of the best video game villains ever and chell is a fantastic protagonist despite never speaking (and she’s also a woc which is pretty cool). portal is mega popular for a good reason.
    5. Red Dead Redemption. one of the most beautiful games i’ve ever played. i don’t usually console game because i’m spoiled by steam sales, but this one is worth it. it’s still got rockstar’s fucked up sense of humour, and the overarching plot is a bit annoying, but i like the combat system and the amazing environments. like yeah it’s a desert and a lot of the towns and people are dirty but like seriously look at this. there’s also a zombie DLC if you’re into that.
    6. Skyrim. largely because of its environment rendering. the different races and cultures are pretty cool, and there is a overarching plot which i’ve yet to finish because there’s just SO MUCH TO DO in this game. it sometimes gets a bit repetitive, just clearing out dungeons and getting your reward type of deal, but i don’t mind it.
    7. Bully. it’s like a high school version of GTA, enough said. again, it’s got the same dirty humour but toned down appropriately for a high school level. sometimes i’m a sucker for those high school clique things, and you have to fight every single one to earn their respect. i fucking love the greasers and the nerds are hilarious
    8. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. this game is literally as old as i am but it’s still one of the best games i’ve ever played. it’s an old school lucasarts point-and-click, and while the plot is pretty straightforward, the puzzles and advancement of the game gets challenging. the last crusade is my favourite movie and i’m a huge indy fan, and i’m also a student of archaeology, so this is basically a bunch of my favourite stuff put together. it was released on steam a while ago and sometimes goes on sale for like a dollar, please get it
    9. Professor Layton Series. i haven’t played all of them because, as i said, i’m spoiled by steam sales. i love professor layton because it’s the most puzzle-y game ever, as in everything is solved by completing little puzzles, and there are twisty plots and cute minigames. the art style is adorable and the environments are all quaint little towns and i’m actually planning to name my firstborn after luke triton. plus, fantastic music and animation in the cutscenes, and probably the only case where i actually like the dub. 
    10. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. i like bioware and star wars, so i figured i’d like this game. i was right! it was released before mass effect and dragon age, but uses a very similar squad system which i really like. i love the lore of the star wars universe, and like you get to be a fucking jedi come on. jolee and juhani are my bffls, and i’m also hopelessly in love with bastila (why do you insist on creating amazing straight female romances, bioware??) i also got addicted to swoop racing. 

    honourable mentions: animal crossing new leaf, pokemon series, the wolf among us, the walking dead, tropico 4, papers please, GTA san andreas, LA noire, analogue: a hate story.

    i’m not tagging anyone because i have to leave the house now haha but please do this if you feel like it!

  2. singmiri replied to your post: fun minimum wage psychology study: dis…

    yeah people are shit. I’m sorry you have to deal with shitty people. I think in the grand scheme of things people are just frustrated with their economic situation and their kids’ education and they take their frustration out on the /wrong people./

    if only that were true. my area’s known for people who have too much money. 

  3. fun minimum wage psychology study: discovering that the shittiness of a kid is directly proportionate to the shittiness of the parent

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